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Sabre Insurance is a successful car and motorbike insurer selling insurance via brokers and direct to the public under our Go Girl and Insure 2 Drive brands.

Our office is based in the centre of Dorking, Surrey with good train and bus links. We offer a friendly, sociable place to work. We employ around 150 people who work across a number of functions, including claims, electronic trading, finance, credit control, underwriting, IT, business systems, and HR.

I have been at the company for over 3 years now and I have enjoyed it all the way. I originally started in claims as a handler but as I spent more time at the company, I expressed the desire to change departments and further my career in coding and development. Thankfully an opening came around relatively shortly after I clarified my wishes, and I was successful in applying.

As soon as the move was announced my new team immediately welcomed me and they invited me out for team lunches. This made the overall process much smoother, and it went without any issues. It was a win-win as I moved into the industry I wanted to work in, whilst staying in the environment with great people.

Theo Massey

I have been working in Sabre for almost one year now and I can confidently call this place my second home which gave me a tremendous experience.

First and foremost, the company genuinely cares about its employees and creates a friendly environment at work. In such a short period of time I gained many new skills, the company helped me to open the door for new opportunities and set new goals for myself and my future in general. I came here as a foreigner from another country, but I feel like a part of this company, I get support from mentors and colleagues who are interested in my growth every day. Here I found a perfect work environment with the ability to be flexible and have never experienced too much stress or pressure.

I feel very lucky to work for a company that had such a great impact on my life!

Alina Tsaruk

I joined Sabre as a Trainee Underwriter in September 2018, where I was able to learn and develop my skills as an underwriter and expand my knowledge of the insurance market. The team I joined was very welcoming and friendly, always happy to help with any queries I had. Sabre has expanded as a company, and this has allowed me to gain knowledge for my current role in the Product Integration Team. Every member of Sabre from senior management down are always willing to help are friendly and approachable.

I joined Sabre after finishing a university degree, I was eager to carry on learning whilst working and Sabre offered to help me via their Sponsorship for Professional Qualifications policy. I have completed my CII Certificate and am currently working towards my diploma. The senior management team, my team leader and my colleagues have all helped me with my development in achieving my professional qualifications.

I am really enjoying my time at Sabre and can see my staying with this company for many years.

Joe Keane

I joined Sabre nearly 10 years ago now and I love working here. I started in the underwriting team and after 4 years moved into the finance team. Sabre is great for giving employees the opportunity to move within the company to experience different areas of the company.

Sabre always support me with my studies by paying for any expenses and making sure that I had the support around me if I ever needed help. It’s a great working environment for reaching your full potential.

Rory Bennett

I started work at Sabre in September 1991 at 18 years old, fresh out of sixth form having completed my A Levels. It was my first “proper” job!

I joined as a Trainee Underwriting Clerk and learnt the ropes. I liked being on the phones, talking to brokers and got to meet a few at various business & social events. Everything was on paper then, the only technology we had was a fax machine!!

I was promoted to Deputy Section Leader in the first couple of years and I really enjoyed taking some responsibility on. In 1998 I moved to Product Development and loved being involved with the pricing and rating side of things. We used to send the rates out on floppy discs back then and then in 2001 along came the internet and email to Sabre House!

I got married in 2003 and had our first child in 2005. He is now the same age as I was when I started here! I have been blessed with three more sons and have been able to return to work part time after each period of maternity leave. The Company have allowed me to have flexible working hours and accommodated my needs. I have changed my hours so many times now I have lost count!

I returned to Product Development after my first & second child but then moved to Electronic Trading dealing with our Direct side when I had the third & fourth. I fell pregnant again during my third maternity leave and had to call HR to say I would only be back for 13 weeks! Despite a brief shocked silence, they were so supportive! I am so lucky to be able to work around my family.

As a busy mum of four children, I have always been accommodated as my circumstances changed, I have been able to adjust how I work and after Covid, the opportunity to work from home now is great. That said, I really like coming into the office as I get some peace!

I have moved back into Product Development now and absolutely love what I do. I am working more hours as my children are getting older and plan to go to full time at some point!

Sabre has a real family feel, we are small enough that we get to know most people and I have made friends for life along the way. We are so well looked after, and the Company goes over and above to make it a really great place to work. They are always so supportive and having the stability in my job has been so important, especially during Covid when my husband’s business was closed, I just went home with my equipment, logged in and worked from home for nearly 18 months and we were so well looked after despite not being in the office!

My 32 years of service is testament to my feeling about the Company and I am possibly not even in the top ten of long serving employees!

I genuinely love it here and cannot imagine working anywhere else!

Claire Cox

Ever since joining Sabre as a Trainee Underwriter in May 2017, I felt like a member of the team from day one. Everyone was welcoming and never hesitated to offer assistance if required. The sense of belonging doesn’t just exist in the Underwriting Department, I feel like a part of the company.

Through the well devised Appraisal Scheme, I am able to learn and develop new skills at a steady pace whilst using my current skills on a daily basis. The training provided is fantastic, constantly widening your knowledge in your relevant field. With quarterly meetings to discuss your progress and setting new targets going forward, you can ensure that you are working to your full potential.

I feel the role has developed my skills both in the workplace and personally. It is a great opportunity where the more you put into it, the greater the reward.

Chris Monkhouse

Trainee Underwriter

I have worked at Sabre since November 2015 in the Electronic Trading Department. I work part time hours as I have two young children and Sabre have been very flexible and accommodating with the hours I work.

I have found the people at Sabre very friendly and professional and the management are down to earth and approachable which is really refreshing. The company really invests in its staff and you feel appreciated for the work you do.

I am very happy in my role at Sabre and I hope to work for Sabre for many more years to come.

Wendy Parker

Electronic Trading Coordinator

Since the moment I began working at Sabre, it was apparent that I had been welcomed into a dynamic, supportive, and friendly team, and this has not changed throughout my time here. Our company is growing rapidly, but the focus on individual progress and development has remained throughout.

I began my career at Sabre as a Trainee Claims Handler in November 2014, where I started on the training academy. I had no prior experience within the industry, and so my time on the training academy provided me with the support and focused training required to familiarise myself with essential aspects of the role. Since then, I have progressed through the milestone scheme which I have just completed. Although I have now completed my initial training scheme, there are endless opportunities available to enrich and advance knowledge, and specialise in different areas within the department. I am just about to begin a secondment in the Counter-Fraud department, and am incredibly excited to continue learning and acquiring new skills.

There is a range of very experienced staff, and newer staff at Sabre, but we are all part of one big team that helps and supports. Here at Sabre, there are always opportunities to progress further, no matter how experienced you are, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn more and develop my career within the company.

Zoe Shepherd

Claims Handler