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Our Story

The Directors believe the Group possesses a number of competitive strengths including the following.

  • Disciplined, actuarially driven pricing strategy, with a proprietary and agile pricing model informed by an extensive and proprietary dataset which has been compiled consistently over more than 15 years.
  • Robust and effective claims management and counter-fraud capabilities.
  • Diversified multi-channel distribution strategy through wide and long-standing relationships with its brokers and through three Direct Brands.
  • Conservative approach to risk management including the use of excess of loss reinsurance and a simple and low risk investment strategy.
  • Streamlined operating model with all staff operating from a single site and the use of third party providers to complement in-house expertise.
  • Long-standing and experienced senior and operational management team.

These strengths have enabled the Group to establish a track record of market leading underwriting performance, controlled and attractive growth and attractive cash generation.